About us

The Steel Construction Plant „ARKADA” Inc. is located at the outskirts of the town of Płoty next to the national road Szczecin – Koszalin – Gdańsk, 100 km from the Kołbaskowo/Pomellen  border crossing point, 80 km from Szczecin and 70 km from the sea port in Świnoujście.

The Plant was established in 1959. Originally, it produced small oil tanks, cement silos and spare parts for agricultural machines. In 1995 the plant was transformed into a private owners company.

At present, the “ARKADA” Inc. Steel Construction Plant specializes in manufacturing steel containers designed mainly for transportation and storage of cargo (loose materials) including scrap metal, debris, waste paper, rubbish etc.

Main part of ours production is exported to Western Europe  countries, particularly to Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Holland.

Primary activity

In order to satisfy requirements of our customers we produce different types of  containers up to the capacity of 1 to 40 m³ adjusted for carriage with specialized vehicles.

At the beginning of the production process our containers are sand-blasted, then painted with priming alkyd paints of 40 μm and next covered with topcoat alkyd paints of 40 μm thick according to RAL standard (total thickness of paint layer – 80 μm or higher, depending on customers requirements).

We offer ours customers delivery  and transport.

Experience of ours employers, technological processes, and used materials result in high quality and reliability of operation of ours containers.